Dear Colgay Pride Family,

Today we come to you with some exciting news and information about the Colgay Pride LGBT Block Parties.

We would first like to thank the Cantina Restaurant for allowing our organization to host for the past seven month our LGBT Block Parties. But today due to circumstances that were totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated we are ending our block parties at the Cantina. Truth is we have overgrown the space because every week more and more people come out and take part in this wonderful free event.

We all know the world is full of opportunists who work to undermine and try to hinder hard working organizations such as ours because they see their following diminishing and they want what we have but are not willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. I hear people all the time talk about I want to do this or I want to do that and that’s all you ever hear. Then you have people like the folks with our organization who do more than just talk and wish. We make it happen through hard work and dedication. We show people the work we do everyday and that is exactly why we continue to grow and pack out the house at every event and Pride. We listen and We care about our community especially those shunned and pushed aside from people within our own gay community.

When we started Pride in Columbus we heard all the rhetoric that is was first Too Confusing to folks then now its We are Too Divided. Everyone of these issues came from the people who didn’t want to see us succeed. The division only continues if you let it. And our people deserve more and better and by golly an option. The truth is some folks don’t want to give up the spotlight who have operated with the mentality that its all about them. They alienate and make fun of the people who are working hard for LGBT Rights, Equality and Diversity and then wonder why no one comes to their events anymore. Then they want to blame the people who are doing the hard work because they could never think past their own ego or persona to think of others.

Our community deserves better and that’s what we have been doing for the past 6 years with Colgay Pride. We work for you to have more and have better. The only folks out to divide us are the ones who don’t want to give up on what they had 20 years ago. The resentment builds each year for them, but it does not effect us or the work we do and we also protect our folks as well by knowing when its time to walk away because we will not allow others to force upon us something they were too selfish to give of themselves. And they will not come in and take over something that WE CREATED, PAID FOR and PUT OUR HEARTS, OUR LOVE AND OUR HARD WORK into. They wait for success and then want to come in and take it from us…NO YOU EARN YOUR OWN and that means it takes truly working for it and earning it as well as be deserving of it.

Therefore the block parties at the Cantina are hereby cancelled. We already talked about bringing it back to the block in April. So our next big show will be announced next week. We apologize for the temporary postponement but we will have our block parties rescheduled this month so please stay tuned.

Thank you all for everything you have done to make Columbus Georgia a better place for ALL.