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February 1, 2023 @ 8:00 am - May 7, 2023 @ 11:30 pm

“TOGETHER WE RISE”: 2023 10th Anniversary Columbus Georgia LGBTQ+ Pride Theme
Calling all artists and graphic designers and visionaries. It’s your Pride so You create the Official Design for this year’s theme for Pride 2023.
Why did we choose “TOGETHER WE RISE”?
For the past two years we have seen an increase in violence against LGBTQ+ citizens, new discriminatory laws passed to create ignorance around the LGBTQ+ subject itself with laws “DON’T SAY GAY” in the classroom or If a teacher tries to discuss or teach Gender Identity that they will have their license taken from them. Laws like in Alabama where trans youth are now being told they cannot have access to Hormone Therapy Drugs to prevent the effects of Puberty which can be a very traumatic time for trans youth. OR even worse a Supreme Court who just made Marriage Equality legal now can’t wait to take it back and even worse telling a responsible adult they cannot terminate their pregnancy if they so choose. Or where kids are learning about Diversity, Acceptance, anti-bullying, people who have no stake at all in the conversation show up and wreak havoc and hell upon everyone and terrorize those in attendance. What we are faced with today is the echoes of past who want so badly to return to what they envision as a better America. Queers in the closet or better yet dead. Women in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant with a smile on their face, Blacks in the back of the line not making eye contact. We are facing something that is the end of an era, and NO unfortunately they will not go quiet into the night, they want yesterday back, and they are willing to do anything it takes to get us back there.
That is why we chose this year’s theme because it is time for all of us sane minded people to stand up against this oppression, speak out and march forward and the most important of everything on this To Do list is WORK TOGETHER. Many people still listen to Preachers and whomever demonize the LGBTQ community but fail to remember the GOLDEN FINAL COMMANDMENT to LOVE ONE ANOTHER! We must stand up for each other and no longer hide behind the excuse of “It’s Not My fight” The only way we will stamp out this oppression on all the fronts of evil with racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance, indifference, radicalism, simply downright Hate; is by coming together, working together putting aside indifference and remembering that we are all human, only them shall we rise and RISE ABOVE the INSANITY.
Your picture must contain the words “TOGETHER WE RISE” or “WE RISE TOGETHER” Other than that, the canvas is yours. Be colorful, be artistic, be bold, but make it stand out LOUD.
This contests officially begins January 9th, 2023, which is plenty of time for you to think about the design and put it down onto paper, canvas, or digitally. REMEMBER YOU MAY NOT USE ANY EXISTING ART THAT IS ASSOCIATED with this year’s theme “Together We Rise” It must unique and stand out as original. The deadline for the contest is SUNDAY May 7th at 11:59pm. 05/08 none will be accepted.
You must submit your work via email with a jpeg or png file.
Send your design along with your name, your age, telephone mobile number along with 150 words or more telling us why you decided upon that design. Be sure to include any history that led your passion in its creation. Send to jeremy@colgaypride.org SUBJ: 2023 PRIDE THEME DESIGN. Remember to only send the file via jpeg or png file.
After you all have done your job in the creation of the theme design, we will take all designs that are eligible to a SPECIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS SESSION where not only the BOD will vote, but also everyone in attendance via ZOOM. The votes will be cast online and after verification the winner will be announced.
The winner of the design contest will have their work displayed on the Official 10th Anniversary Columbus Georgia Pride Festival T shirt that will be available on June 3rd the day of Pride 2023. The winner will receive a beautiful Rainbow Crystal Award, a Proclamation honoring them for their contribution to the event, their picture with the Mayor of Columbus Georgia, a chance to speak at the event, and a variety of gift certificates to local We Serve All Establishments here in Columbus Georgia.
There you have it. We cannot wait to see the talent that is sent our way and we do hope that everyone whether they are LGBTQ+ or an Ally submit an entry. ANYONE CAN WIN. Because TOGETHER WE WILL RISE and stamp out hate forever.


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