Christina Heck Williams

Owner Giovanna’s Pizzeria

1600 A Broad Street

Phenix City Alabama

Christina Heck Williams, Owner of Giovanna’s Pizzeria contacted Colgay Pride in 2022 after hearing about discrimination LGBTQ+ citizens were dealing with from local establishments in Columbus (see We Serve All Establishments NO FLY ZONES).  Christina, who was the daughter of 2 dads who loved her and taught her the values to LOVE EVERYONE and TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT and who defended her fathers marriage to all those who would be negative about them, said I want to help.  So we met and came up with Giovanna’s After Hours and a place for all LGBTQ+ to go and be themselves in a bar setting.  She was also the first business to allow 18+ and up.  Not only does she serve alcohol, but also food from her famous restaurant.  The nights as she envisioned would include a DJ and Drag Shows.  Since May 2022, Christina has lived up to her promise to ensure our LGBTQ+ community has a place to go, free from hate and discrimination.  Now, every Saturday night is for the LGBTQ+ community including Giovanna’s After Hours nights the First Saturday of the month then Matasha’s Mama Mia Saturday’s every Third Saturday of the month and then  Christina Heck Williams was also the recipient of the Colgay Pride Leadership Award for 2022 simply for caring and doing what most people just talk about.  Christina and Giovanna’s are so appreciated for answering the call of our community and providing a venue for us to call home.