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The We Serve All Directory

Click below to view LGBT-owned or LGBT-friendly establishments in the Greater Columbus and Chattahoochee Valley region.

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Click below to submit a business, organization or other resource which does not discriminate .

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That Welcome All

Our LGBT Family and Friends at times experience Hate, Bigotry, Discrimination and down right Ignorance. It could range anywhere from They don't want to make our cakes or They don't want to issue a marriage license.  But it's far worse than that!  People don't want to let us adopt or give us proper care or even help those in need with housing.  Ignorance is everywhere and we would like to save you some time trying to do the guessing games or playing Hit and Miss.  Colgay Pride began the We Serve All Establishment in 2013 to  Help People Identify LGBT Friendly Businesses!  We can save each other the time and just look for the sticker and if one of your favorite places isnt on the list be sure to ask them "Where is Your We Serve All Sticker?" and tell them about us.  Most businesses out there Welcome All, Everyday!  But there have been a lot of our brothers and sisters who have suffered the misery from those who choose to discriminate.  So they are looking for that Safe Space free from ignorance.  Don't lose a customer because of Fear and Hate.  Let the people know Y'all Means All &  Join the We Serve All Establishment Program Today!

We are currently updating our list and page with the New 2020 Y'all Means All We Serve All Establishment Sticker that identifies your business as a Safe Space.   We will be going out to all of the current sticker holders and changing it out the the new sticker.  After Completion,Each business will be listed here for Quick Reference.  So please tell your friends about it and make sure we Identify ourselves as business who doesn't turn people away!

Cost for the Sticker is a $10 Donation to Colgay Pride or Sponsorship/Vendor of the Annual Columbus Georgia LGBT Pride Festival

Each business will 1. Get special promotional opportunities to get the word out and people

 inside your doors  2.  Your business name, photo and information listed here as a quick reference  3.  Make More Money and Lifetime Customers!

Just email [email protected] or text 706-580-6239