WELL IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS. WE HAVE MADE HISTORY IN OUR 9th YEAR WITH OVER 75 SPONSORS, VENDORS and TALENTS to make the 2022 Columbus Georgia LGBTQ+ PRIDE festival our best year yet.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years already. Wow, have time flies by. Every First Saturday for the past 8 years we have been bringing Columbus Georgia a Pride that they call be apart of no matter who you are, where your from, what your orientation is, what your letter is or if just a friend and ally. No matter who you are, Just be You! In everything you do.

This years theme wasn’t just about non-binary or non-gender conforming individuals it was a precedent that no matter who you are….in everything you do BE YOU and BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT. The riches that come from a life being lived every moment as your true self is and will be one of the most rewarding lives you ever could know. Yes there will always be conflict. But no conflict out there is worth sacrificing or giving up a piece of who you are no matter who it appeases. Live your life for you and you will see what a relief it is once you lift the veil or come out of hiding wherever it may be and truly live life to its fullest. What kind of life could it ever be when you live it to make someone else happy or live it behind closed doors or on the DL. You can’t make everybody happy no matter how hard you try.

SO in the end you have to ask yourself ARE YOU HAPPY? And that question should be answered with a YES, if not, I ask who are you giving up a piece of your true self for? I live by the 3 F’s, If they don’t FEED ME, if they don’t finance me, if they don’t F me, then what the hell do I care what they think. And even if they do one of those 3 you should never ever give up yourself and who you are to make someone else happy. That’s not love nor friendship. LIVE LIVE LIVE YOUR LIFE TO ITS VERY FULLEST. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. And I promise you life will get better. With everything we do it takes work. SO, are you living YOUR life to its fullest and meeting YOUR potential? If not it’s time to reevaluate your life and the people in it.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you June 3rd for the Mr/Ms/Mx Columbus Georgia Pride Pageant and again June 4th for the 9th Annual Columbus Georgia LGBTQ+ Pride Festival. We will have Mayor Skip Henderson there at 10 am to present the 2022 Columbus Georgia LGBTQ+ Pride Month Proclamation, Lade Breez, Cathy Williams from the School Board, City Councilor Toyia A Tucker and hopefully some newly elected folks as well.

The day will be filled with great speakers and presentations of well deserved awards, Vendors from everywhere, Drag Queen Story Hour with Majestic Phoenix, Great music, Songs, Dance and a great day for all to come together in unity and rise together for a day of love and cherish those we have lost to AIDS and other battles and talk about the road ahead that we still face today and the work that must be done. Then of course that night for our Legendary PRIDE SHOW event which will kick off around 7 pm with dance contests and much more more including the PRIDE DRAG SHOW.

For nine years we have been working to provide Columbus and surrounding areas a day of PRIDE that everyone can feel emboldened by the accomplishments we have achieved. None of those accomplishments came easy. It took hard work, sweat, toil and struggle, stressed relationships, violence and even death to get where we are today. SO ACT AS IF YOU APPRECIATE THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS that so many have given for us to have this event today. Honor them with your attendance and more importantly pick up the mantle and keep the work going. The work never ends. There are many who would love to see us fail and go back cowering to our closets. This is your time to show them you are thankful for all the people that made this possible and you are unafraid to live your truth and in all things every day, every where you will be you!


Don’t forget FREE 360 Photo Booth Pictures this year from 6 pm to 10 pm courtesy of Colgay Pride. Make sure you all get a souvenir picture you can look back on and show your kids or grandkids and loved ones your day at the 9th Annual Columbus Ga LGBTQ+ Pride Festival.

See you soon!